BB-8 & BB-9E SW:The Last Jedi por Hot Toys

Hot Toys sigue con la producción de figuras de la próxima película de Star Wars The Last Jedi, y anuncia a la vez una nueva figura del droide BB-8 que podremos adquirir individualmente o en pack con el droide BB-9E.

Además los que adquieran el pack contarán con un objeto exclusivo, un Mouse droid en escala 1/6.

Ambos droides incluyen cabeza rotatoria magnética con función led, y varias partes intercambiables.

Su fecha de salida aproximada es Abril-Junio 2018, y el precio del pack son 176$.

Os dejamos con la información oficial:

As the world is anticipating the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, fans have been excited to see the return of BB-8 who has made many memorable moments in the last film and the introduction of the First Order version of the spherical astromech droid – the BB-9E!

Today, Hot Toys is delighted to introduce a special 1/6th scale collectible set featuring BB-8 and BB-9E from Star Wars: The Last Jedi for fans of these two fantastically designed droids!

The BB-8 collectible figure features a specially designed spherical body embedded with self-balancing mechanisms, a magnetically-attached head with LED light-up function, interchangeable arms, and specially applied white and orange colored painting with weathering effects!

The BB-9E collectible figure features a newly developed spherical body with mechanical details under the circular grilles, a magnetically-attached head with LED light-up function, and specially applied glossy black and metallic silver painting!
Furthermore, a 1/6th scale Mouse Droid is also included exclusively in this collectible set!

Don’t pass up on the chance to recruit these awesome droids to your Star Wars display!

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