Gaara Kazekage Naruto Shippuden G.E.M Series por Megahouse

Megahouse nos sorprende hoy con una nueva figura dentro de su línea G.E.M. Series basada en el Anime Naruto Shippuden.

Esta nueva figura de Gaara Kazekage tiene una altura de 15cm y está fabricada en PVC.

Su fecha de salida es Marzo 2018 a un precio de 12300 yenes.

A priori esta pequeña estatua está bastante bien conseguida y seguro que queda genial al lado del resto de su línea.

Os dejamos con la información oficial:

The latest addition to the G.E.M. Naruto Shippuden series is the fifth Kazekage of the Hidden Sand, Gaara! The long-awaited addition of a character not from the Hidden Leaf is joining the series! Gaara has been sculpted with his cool and composed appearance faithfully preserved while also capturing his love and devotion for Naruto and his fellow villagers.

The large gourd he carries on his back has been sculpted with its texture in tact, together with a sand effect flowing out from the top as he makes use of his powerful techniques – all coming together for an epic piece to have on display! A figure of the loving Gaara who walked alongside Naruto on his journey! Be sure to add him to your collection!

  • Painted Figure. Approximately 150mm in height.
  • (C)岸本斉史 スコット/集英社・テレビ東京・ぴえろ

2018 March

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