Maximum luffy P.O.P. por Megahouse

Megahouse nos avanza una nueva línea de figuras, las SA-Maximum de gran tamaño, con una altura de 30cm; y comienza con uno de los grandes protagonistas de series de Anime: Luffy de One Piece.

Concretamente esta estatua de PVC, está prevista para su lanzamiento en Septiembre 2017 a un precio de 16799 yenes.

Os dejamos la información oficial y mas detalles a continuación:

In commemoration of that memorial year, a new work for the first time in four years will appear in P.O.P’s super large product “MAXIMUM” series.
This time, the activation state of the gear “4” “bouncing man” which the hero Luffy acquired by training of two years is three-dimensionalized.
It also combines “bigger” and “elastic” that overwhelms the de Flamingo of the Wang Shimonbukai,
Huge arms cured with armed colors, ambitions clad in the body, poses and expressions reminiscent of the statue of King Jongmyo,
It is reproduced with plenty of places by high quality modeling and coloring.
Including a volume of great power that I can not imagine 1/8 scale,
It is exactly the product of the highest peak of the P.O.P series, so be sure to take that charm and check it.
———————————————————————————— ————————————————
Set content
· Painted finished figure figures
· Dedicated pedestal

  • Product size: Tall: 300mm / 11.8″inch
  • Material: MABS, PVC


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