Mugen Statue Exclusive Edition por First 4 Figures

First 4 Figures lanza la que es su primera estatua de cuatro, Mugen Statue Exclusive, con 61 cm de alto. Esta edición exclusiva viene con bastantes extras como:

  • 1 base detallada que captura una escena de acción en los tejados del período Edo.
  • 2 cabezas intercambiables (expresión normal e intensa).
  • 5 flechas y 5 espadas diecast.
  • Tarjeta de autenticidad.

Además, si la compras dentro de las primeras 24 horas después de su lanzamiento tendrás estos extras:

  • Una tarjeta adicional firmada por Alex Davis.
  • Una tarjeta holograma de la edición del día uno.

El número de la edición limitada se establecerá dos semanas después del día del lanzamiento (29 de agosto).

Con un precio de $449.99 tiene prevista su salida en Q2 2018.

First 4 Figures is proud to present the highly anticipated Samurai Champloo – Mugen statue.

Samurai Champloo follows the story of Mugen, a sassy and freedom loving vagrant swordsman; Jin, a composed and calm rōnin; and Fuu, a girl who asks the two of them to accompany her on her quest to find the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

Mugen is almost characterized as something of an antihero. He is offensive, lewd, obscene, vain, temperamental and unhinged. He tends to pick petty fights, but loves the idea of fighting.

Mugen will take on any and all challengers since he’s an extremely competitive person. Along with his rivalry with Jin, Mugen is prone to gambling and taking on anyone else he deems strong enough. Mugen is a sore loser who will go to great lengths to redeem himself from defeat.

In regards to authority, Mugen absolutely despises it. He also states that he would rather die fighting than be on his knees pleading for mercy.

Even with all of his faults, Mugen is capable for accepting people as comrades even if it’s begrudgingly.

Samurai Champloo – Mugen Statue EXCLUSIVE edition comes with the following:-

  • Samurai Champloo – Mugen statue
  • Highly detailed base capturing an action scene on the rooftops from the Edo-period
  • Two Interchangebale headsculpts (Normal and Intense expression)
  • FIVE Diecast Arrows (All interactable with the base)
  • FIVE Diecast Swords (Four are interactable with the base. One attached to Mugen’s hand) 
  • Authentication Card
  • BONUS – Day One Edition Signature Card

Purchasing the Samurai Champloo – Mugen Statue EXCLUSIVE edition at anytime during Day One after the launch starts (24 hours) will entitle you to the following extra free bonuses.

  1. An additional Signature Card signed by Alex Davis.
  2. A Day One edition Hologram Sticker.
  3. Plus extra F4F Reward Points.

Limited Edition number will be set after 2 weeks (29th August 2017).

This is the first statue in First 4 Figures’ Samurai Champloo Statue line. The lowest numbers will be available to those who pre-order earliest, so don’t delay if you wish to have the best chances of securing a low number!

*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different. Product details can subject to change without further notice.

Subject to final approval.

Product Size:

Height – 24 inches (61cm)

Width – 16 inches (41cm)

Depth – 14 inches (36cm)

Weight: 4.59KG

Estimated Release Date: Q2 2018

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